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Cake Collaborations – What is it?

Cake Collaborations – What is it?


Hello friends:

Today I would like to write about a topic that perhaps is not discussed to often in other blogs, or pages – Cake Collaborations.  Now, you may think what is a Cake Collaboration?

Well, as the words states a Cake Collaboration is a “collaboration” of cake artist that come together for a common cause, i.e. bringing awareness of a certain issue such as Art, Animal Rights, Seasons like Summer, winter,etc., and even holidays.  Collaborations are a great way to have a reason to practice a certain technique, to showcase your talent and share it with others.  Nowadays, there are many collaborations that are being hosted by well-known, famous, talented sugar artist and participating in either collaboration is a good way to get to know other artists, make new contacts, see other artists’ talent and take on the theme at hand. 

Benefits of participating in a Cake Collaboration

As I have mentioned a few times now, Cake Collaborations is great way to get to know others in the field, to see the use of other techniques or even learn other techniques that you did not have idea existed is a matters of being open and learning from all participants.

Participating in Cake Collaborations is perfect because you have a reason to practice without having to wait for a client to order a certain type of cake for you to make it.

Cake Collaborations usually have a  theme or topic that is dictated by the organizer to bring awareness of a certain issue that deserves to be known, issues such as animal rights, etc., so you are in fact proving support to these issues that need to be brought to society’s attention.

There are many benefits of participating on Cake Collaborations and these benefits depend on the artist and what you consider benefits (some people believe that benefits are only important if they involve economic gain).  In my case, participating in Cake Collaborations is not only an honor to be admitted to share my work with wonderful artists, but also allows me the opportunity to people to know my name, but most importantly it allows me to have a voice and share my support.

On another note, please note that participating in a Cake Collaboration would require, most of the time, that you invest in the materials to be used.  You will NOT get reimburse for any expenses to create the piece for the collaboration, I mention this because sometimes people may participate thinking that they will get some source of monetary gain in return, which is never the case.

How to Participate in your First Cake Collaboration

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tsu, and others is a great way to become aware of cake decorating groups where you may become a member of.  Usually through posting of members in those groups once in a while there are opportunities of participating in a Cake Collaboration, in my case, I had this opportunity through while in Facebook.

Once you participate and know how these collaborations are created, it will get easier, a bit of advise….be in the look out, if in doubt, ask, email artists, or even organize one yourself.  Who knows it might be the most fun you would ever have if you are really serious about the cake decorating world.

Hope this gave you a bit of idea on how to find out about the next collaboration, how to participate, what to expect, and whether or not this is something you would be interested in participating.

Whatever the answer, just have fun!

Happy Baking!




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