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Cake Conventions- Worth it to attend?

Cake Conventions- Worth it to attend?







Hello friends:

Today we will be discussing a little about the topic on Cake Conventions and whether is it worth it to attend.

Cake Conventions are organized all over the world through the year. One of the well-known conventions in the USA (aside from others) is the ICES yearly convention, which is hosted in a different state each year. ICES is one of the biggest convention hosted in the USA. Unfortunately ICES can be a bit priced for some people.

Many cake artist attend the ICES Convention, classes are less expensive – compared to other conventions.  Since it is hosted in states up north, it gets a bit too expensive to attend since either long drive or flying will be required, but example if you in southern states such as Florida, now you don’t only have to pay for the entry fee (which is over $100 -if you are a ICES member), but hotel, flight (or gas if you are driving-good luck driving) which for a 3 day convention is too much cost at the end. But if you can afford it, by all means you should attend.

Others convention are hosted by other organizations and/or vendors such as the newbie but successful SoFlo Candy and Cake Convention that has taken place in 2015 and 2016 in Miami, Florida.

Reasons to Attend or Not?

Now the answer to the question of whether is worth it to attend to these conventions rely depends in you. If you are new to the cake decorating field, then it would be great to see new techniques, take classes, look at the cakes competing, and/or buy a tool that you were not sure if you wanted to buy since you only saw it online…and if you are like me…unless I see it in person…I don’t buy it, then it is a good option to attend a convention because you can see the product in action as they vendors usually do demos on how the tool work and how versatile compared to other can be.

Another good reason of attending a convention is that you get to meet in person and take photos of some of your favorite sugar artists.  For example, when I attended the Cake and Sugarcraft Fair in Orlando, Florida in 2015 (next one is in 2017), I was able to finally meet in person Ron Ben Israel (from NYC), Lizzo Marek (from Oregon), Shachiko Windbiel (NYC), who are some of my favorite cake designers.

At the SoFlo Candy and Cake Convention 2016 I was happy to meet Chef Nicholas Lodge whom was kind enough to check my cake competition score with me and give me tips on what I can do to develop my skills (this was truly an honor), I also met the talented and wonderful Avalon Yarnes and Kasiey Lackey who are two ladies that not only truly know their stuff, but humble and so nice in person. There were many sugar artist that attended SoFlo 2016 too many to add, but another one of my favorite artist was the internationally well-known Italian sugar artist Molly, who is amazingly good at doing human figures. Needles to say that I was just trilled to be at the convention this year.

If you are really into cake decorating, either as a hobby or as a starting business and would like to see new techniques on cake decorating, compete for the first time, buy tools, meet the stars in the cake decorating field, and just have an amazing time with fellow cake enthusiasts, then by all means, attend as many conventions as possible, it will only get better each year.

But if you are just curios to see what is all the fuzz about cake conventions, attend one within your city or state, and if you find it too boring or not interested at all, then you have your answer.

I hope this helps!

Happy Decorating!!



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